May 2021

Bluebells and Roundhill, pre-Covid


Late this year, but as beautiful as always

Until the last 5 or so years, Bluebells weren't even a thing for me. It's only in recent years we wait expectantly for them to emerge, then I go and take loads of shallow depth-of-field photos of them looking all blue.

They're an interesting flower that must generate more interest than almost any other, because we're seldom the only people hunting them out. They also seem to mark the turning of spring to Summer, so there's another really good symbolic reason to like them.

Normally they appear in April, but this year due to the weather they were later. Also, where 2020 they'd burst into bloom almost all at the same time, this year they were staggered, so fewer and not as intense a display. 

Roundhill Reservoir

It's all about the birds

Aside from being quiet, scenic and very varied in landscape, another thing I love about Roundhill Reservoir is the wildlife. There is always so much to see here, and with few other people around, the only person who could disturb it is me.

If you know me, you'll know that that is highly likely.

Also another opportunity to practice using my massive 200-600mm lens. There are so many buttons, settings, and tweaks to be done I spent a lot of time fiddling to see what was best to capture birds in flight. The real challenge being not really knowing what was best until you get home and can zoom right in to the photos.

Thankfully many were in focus, although the lapwing that I'd taken lots of photos of, was so fast and nimble most had motion blur our were OOF.

Hanging Rock

An ironic trip to Hanging Rock

The last time we went to Hanging Rock it was the last trip we took before Covid hit. I remember the weather being unseasonably warm. We spent half the time talking about Liverpools form, and the rest about Covid, case numbers, how concerned should we be.

Ironic that one of our first post lock-down trips would be back to the same place. This time it was different though, I'd had Covid, so had Eddie.