June 2021

Kites, Covid and Countryside.


A great way to start summer.

At the very end of May both Ed and I caught Covid. Ed started with the classic symptoms, then I followed three days later. This was at a time when the 'Delta Variant' was only just emerging in the UK, and a follow up phone called from Public Health England confirmed that we'd both got this Variant.

Cue a few days of worry, we were the first people in our close family to get it and therefore weren't quite sure what to expect. Thankfully, while neither of us was 'well', neither of us got it so bad we needed to seek medical attention. Ed's cough sounded awful, but soon subsided. Bizarrely as someone with Asthma, I didn't have any issues with breathing, but my sinuses were awful. Within a week Ed was fine, I took a couple of weeks to fully recover, just thankful I'd had my first jab several weeks earlier.

One thing we were really lucky with was the weather, it was a lovely week to be ill, it was warm and sunny all week. So I took to sitting outside all day, with my camera and a blanket. The photo's are all from the same location sat looking into the garden. 

Roundhill Reservoir

First proper day out, and back to a favourite.

My first long walk after having Covid was to Roundhill reservoir, another regular and favourite haunt. Its a moderate walk, enough to get out of breath but not enough to tip me over the edge.

The weather was still excellent, and I just wore a t-shirt and jeans. I was also travelling solo, so I'd taken my long zoom lens, knowing that I wouldn't get complaints when taking it out to get some photos.

Roundhill reservoir is one of 4 'tributary' reservoirs in a chain. Roundhill is the 'middle' one, this feeds into Leighton, which is the bottom and the biggest of the four. Feeding into Roundhill are Agill and Arnagill Dam. They're called Dam's but they're essentially small feeder reservoirs. This trip I walked along the side of Roundhill then 'bushwacked' through some 'scrub' to get to Arnagill.

Arnagill Dam sits beneath Arnagill tower, a folly at the top edge of the ravine that feeds the dam, and the subject of a previous post.

While I was here, I did manage to get a few in focus shots of a fast-moving wading bird. I've tried to identify it, but I'm no expert. The only thing that it looks close to is the Long Toed Stint, but they're incredibly rare in the UK. Maybe someone could help me identify it?

Hanging Rock

An ironic trip to Hanging Rock

The last time we went to Hanging Rock it was the last trip we took before Covid hit. I remember the weather being unseasonably warm. We spent half the time talking about Liverpools form, and the rest about Covid, case numbers, how concerned should we be.

Ironic that one of our first post lock-down trips would be back to the same place. This time it was different though, I'd had Covid, so had Eddie.