July 2021

The start of a summer like no other.

Thimbleby Bank

A great way to start the summer.

I've been here so many times that I sometimes wonder why I take my camera with me. That said, I've learnt from following other photographers that the time of year, the light, the weather, even your mood can make the same place look completely different.

It's summer, so the light is bright and harsh. It's also the warmest visit I've ever made to Thimbleby Bank, and the jumper was definitely a bad idea. But, there are just so many interesting places to explore, from pitch black, dense forest, to rock outcrops and large areas where the forest has been cleared.

Being alone I had time to take photographs without any complaints, which was good as my chest still doesn't feel fully recovered from my bought of Covid in early June. Cue lots of stopping to catch my breathe, as well as look for any good photo ops. 

Nutwith Common

A lovely short walk near Masham

The area in and around Masham is one of my favourite bits of the north. The Swinton estate and surrounding area has many gems, it also never seems to get that busy, another key to a good day out.

We'd driven past the parking for Nutwith common a few times on our way to Hackfall Woods, but never stopped to look. Today we did. It's not a particularly long walk, but if you like woods, these ones are fantastic. After a while you notice its a planted wood, as in the spacing and orientation of the trees is clearly man-made, but the fact it takes a while to notice makes you realise how natural they appear.

Strongly recommended if you have 45 minutes to kill. There is a steep bit, so also good for getting out of breath too, if you want to feel like you've had some exercise.  


Not where we intended.

Ed and I went out with the intention of visiting Peak Scar near Hawnby. Peak Scar is easily the highest bouldering location in Yorkshire at over 60 ft in height. We didn't want to go to climb it, just to have a look at it.

A combination of nowhere to park and a sign saying 'Beware of the Bull', led to us looking for somewhere else to stretch our legs. Limperdale is a valley I'd looked at visiting before and it was only 10 minutes away. There wasn't that much to see or do, so limited pictures and a generally disappointing afternoon out.

I had another look at Peak Scar when I got home, and it looks like a recent fatality there means that there are a lot more restrictions, both on visiting and what you do when you there. I also can't help feeling that the Beware of the Bull sign is more a deterrent, than a reflection of reality. After all, the path it refers to is a public one. Maybe one for a future visit.